Höstens första fikabildstema är ”Gubben i lådan”

Swedish International Exhibition of Photography 2018

The National Association of Swedish Photography (Riksförbundet Svensk Fotografi – RSF) cordially invites you to enter the
”Swedish International Exhibition of Photography 2018”.

Closing date 15 February, 2018.

This is one of the few international exhibitions in Sweden!

The exhibition has received PSA Recognition 2018-052, FIAP Patronage 2018/045 and NFFF Patronage 2018-04.
Two digital sections: Colour and Monochrome.

The Panel of Judges consists of well qualified photographers from Sweden and Denmark.

A total of 73 Awards!

We look forward to receiving your entries, and we would appreciate if you have the possibility to distribute this information to other photographers in your country.